Ketone Salts vs. Ketone Esters

12 Jan 2023

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If you’ve been reading about keto and ketones, you’ve probably come across the words “ketone salts” and “ketone esters.” They both have the word ketone, so you might think they are essentially the same.

However, these exogenous ketones have different functions and purposes. This article will break down what each compound is and why ketone esters are more beneficial than ketone salts.

Ketone Salts vs. Esters: The Similarities

Ketones are simple compounds made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. While you can take ketone exogenously (i.e., in the form of a food or beverage created outside the body), ketones are also found naturally in the body. The liver produces ketones when there isn’t glucose for the body to burn. But they’re always present in the blood at varying levels.

The body produces three ketone bodies: acetoacetate (AcAc), 3-beta-hydroxybutyrate (3HB) and acetone. These are known as endogenous ketones (meaning produced within the body).

Ketone salts and esters are two types of exogenous ketones (originating from outside the body) that can be used to elevate the level of ketones in the body. They are both nutritional aids that can help you achieve a state of nutritional ketosis more quickly than is possible with diet alone.

What Are Ketone Salts?

While both ketone salts and esters are exogenous ketones, they are made from different substances that impact how they are produced.

Ketone salts, as the name implies, come in a powder form that you can either add to food or take in a capsule. They are made from beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) bonded to electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, potassium or sodium.

Ketone Salts Pros

Some people find it difficult to follow the ketogenic diet because of its strictness. Ketone salts provide an alternative way of getting into ketosis without following the strict dietary requirements of the ketogenic diet.

They are widely available online or where vitamins are sold.

Ketone Salts Cons

As you probably guessed, reaching ketosis with ketone salts requires consuming a lot of salt. To give you an idea, the ones we surveyed ranged from 125mg to 1800mg a serving. That translates to 6 – 78% of the recommended daily value of sodium. And that’s only for a single serving.

So if you’re already struggling with high blood pressure, or are at risk for heart disease or a stroke, the amount of salt in ketone salts may outweigh the benefits that the ketones offer.

Even for healthy individuals, consuming too much in the form of salt can lead to an electrolyte imbalance. This can cause muscle weakness or cramps, sleep problems or restlessness.


Optimize your Physical and Mental Potential with Ketone Hydration

What Are Ketone Esters?

Instead of binding to a salt, esters bind to an alcohol compound. But don’t worry – the alcohol is present at the molecular level and doesn’t increase the alcohol content of the beverage.

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Where to Buy Ketone Esters

Ketones are beneficial for weight loss, cognitive function and athletic performance. You can raise the level of ketones in your body through exercise, fasting, or a diet low in carbs. But luckily, that’s not the only way to get the benefits of ketones.

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Ketones in Tecton: Safe and Effective

Tecton is the world’s first and only ready-to-drink beverage that contains 10g of nature-identical ketones that doesn’t contain 1,3 butanediol (a secondary alcohol or ethanol dimer). Tecton is safe at any dose and for all age groups based on a study published in Nutrient magazine, according to FDA guidelines. The study noted no adverse effects, even at extremely high doses (200 times by body weight).

We also tested the absorption rate to determine how quickly Tecton ketones will get into the bloodstream after drinking a can of our product. So, with analyses by Mayo Clinic, a pharmacokinetics (PK) study showed that Tecton’s ketone ester has a rapid absorption rate, reaching a maximum concentration in just 30 minutes, putting the user into mild ketosis in minutes. This usually requires two days of starving or up to 2-3 weeks of strict adherence to a keto diet! Because Tecton has zero sugar and zero caffeine, it is a simple and safe alternative, or accompaniment, to fasting or a restrictive ketogenic diet.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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