Pros & Cons of a Keto Diet: The Benefit of Having Exogenous Ketones

12 Jan 2023

Article Summary

We all know the ketogenic diet is popular—we may have even tried following keto ourselves, or know someone who has. But what really are the advantages of following the keto diet? And what are the drawbacks?

The popularity of the keto diet is largely due to its role in promoting weight loss. The diet restricts the intake of carbohydrates, prompting the body to use up the carbs stored in the liver. This can result in an initial drop in weight since carbs cause the liver to hold on to a lot of water. 

Additionally, with fewer carbohydrates to provide energy, our cells switch to stored fat as an alternative source of energy. This causes the “fat-burning” effect that’s often associated with the keto diet.

Without refined sugars and carbs to cause blood sugar spikes (which are inevitably followed by crashes), many people following a keto diet also claim to have a feeling of increased energy throughout the day.

However, the keto diet is not without its disadvantages.

Keto is a restrictive diet that cuts out not only refined carbs and sweets, but also many fruit and whole grains.

Having entire food groups off limits, makes the diet notoriously hard to stick to. Along the same lines, the keto diet has been criticized by nutrition experts for eliminating many healthy foods while allowing other foods that are high in saturated fat.

So how does one get the benefit of the keto diet without the unnecessary food restrictions?

Enter exogenous ketones.

Exogenous ketones are simply ingested and promote fat burning without eating an overly restrictive diet. They can help you regain your life and take charge of your health without resorting to drastic measures.

Not all exogenous ketones are created equally. Look for ketone esters versus ketone salts, as these are considered to be more effective without the negative side effect of increasing sodium intake.


Optimize your Physical and Mental Potential with Ketone Hydration

Exogenous Ketones in Tecton

Ketones are considered to be the 4th macronutrient that provide significant health benefits. Previously, the only way to get these benefits was through a highly restrictive keto diet. Now, Tecton’s nature-identical ketone beverage provides many of these benefits without strictly adhering to the diet.

Tecton is the world’s first and only ready-to-drink beverage that contains 10g of nature-identical ketones that doesn’t contain 1,3 butanediol (a secondary alcohol or ethanol dimer). Tecton has been noted to be safe, even at very high dosages, as reported in a recent publication in the scientific journal, Nutrients.

Scientists also tested the absorption rate to determine how quickly Tecton ketones get into the bloodstream after drinking a can of the product. So, with analyses by Mayo Clinic, a pharmacokinetics (PK) study showed that Tecton’s ketone ester has a rapid absorption rate, reaching a maximum concentration in just 30 minutes, putting the user into mild ketosis in minutes. A similar blood level of ketones usually requires two days of fasting or several days of strict adherence to a keto diet!

Because Tecton has zero sugar and zero caffeine, it is a simple and safe alternative, or accompaniment, to fasting or a restrictive ketogenic diet. Regarding intermittent fasting, Tecton ketones may allow for an extension of the fasting period, which may aid overall weight loss/fat loss over time.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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