The Role of Caffeine

According to the Cleveland Clinic, while caffeine (found in most energy drinks) can stimulate your heart to help you feel energized, it can also cause insomnia, headaches, dehydration, and high blood pressure if you’re not careful.

Many people get desensitized to caffeine, making it less effective.

Authentic Energy

We need real fuel, not a stimulant, to create real energy (called ATP) in our cells. ATP can be created using a variety of substrates.

But our brain cells can only use two things for energy — glucose from carbs, or ketones.


When consuming high amounts of simple sugars (e.g. sugar-laden drinks), blood sugar can rise rapidly (within 15 minutes) leading to a surge in insulin production and release.

The result? A rapid fall of blood sugar within the first hour or so — often generating a feeling of fatigue: the crash.


When the body is deprived of carbs (glucose/sugar), the liver breaks down fat for energy. These fats are turned into energy-rich ketones.

Supplemental ketones can provide the body with a rapid energy source without impacting blood sugar!

Curious about sugar vs. ketone metabolism?


How is Ketogenesis Triggered?

Nature found a way to help humans to survive when we endured extreme physical effort or starvation that depleted carbs in our bodies, a primary source of fuel.

In order to, perhaps evade predators or find our next morsel of food, we needed a superior source of energy.

This is when our livers burn fat to produce one of nature’s most efficient fuels. These are called ketone bodies.

To help us think more clearly, endure longer physical effort, suppress hunger, and recover. And perhaps, live to fight another day…

Modern Ketogenic Diet

This diet involves strictly limiting daily carb intake to less than 50g (about 2 pieces of toast), along with a moderate amount of protein and a higher amount of fat. It’s been around since the 1920’s to help people with epilepsy, and more recently for weight loss and athletic performance. Most people swear by it, but some struggle to sustain it.

Whether you can or cannot do this diet, Tecton can help by suppressing hunger while giving you the fuel to increase mental and physical performance.

Tecton’s Nature-Identical Ketones

Tecton contains nature-identical ketones that you can simply drink. These ketones will provide the same fuel as those produced through the keto diet.

Tecton is the world’s only Ketone Hydration drink that contains zero sugar, zero caffeine and no “1,3 butanediol” (a secondary alcohol or ethanol dimer).

You can also drink Tecton as an accompaniment to the Keto Diet. Some people use it as insurance to keep themselves in ketosis even if they accidentally consume a few extra carbs.

Mayo Clinic

PK Analysis

Keto aware people may want to understand how Tecton will raise their blood ketone levels and for howlong. This question is answered by doing what’s called a pharmacokinetics study (PK, for short).

We conducted our own PK study. Blood was drawn from participants at 9 intervals over 12 hours in oneday with and without consumption of our ketones.

The samples were sent to Mayo Clinic’s Lab for analysis. The data we received back indicated that our molecule is rapidly absorbed and reaches peakconcentration in 30 min, putting you into ketosis.


Frequently asked Questions

  • Human cells can only process two things for energy. Glucose/sugar or ketones.
  • Ketones are nature’s evolutionary way of helping humans survive extreme effort and/or starvation.
  • Our livers produced ketones to give our ancestors a leg up with more endurance and cognitive energy to escape predators or find scarce food!
  • This was before humans found a way to add carbohydrates to almost all processed foods!
  • In more scientific terms, Ketones are short chain fatty acids produced in the liver when the body experiences starvation, or when you restrict carbohydrates and increase fats, such as in a Ketogenic Diet.This process induces a starvation-like state which produces ketone bodies.
  • Ketones utilize oxygen more efficiently in the generation of cellular energy (ATP) than sugar. This helps with added endurance, muscle recovery and cognitive health.
  • There are different types of Ketones and each is produced in a different manner. Endogenous ketones (meaning ketones produced internally in our body) are naturally produced in the liver while in a metabolic state of ketogenesis.
  • Exogenous ketones are produced outside the body, usually through a chemical process.
  • Tecton’s exogenous ketone, however, is produced through a natural enzymatic process.
  • Tecton’s ketones are nature identical, meaning, they have the exact same molecular structure as the ketones produced endogenously (by our livers).
  • Salt drinks do not provide enough ketone bodies to achieve anywhere close to a therapeutic level of ketones and you would have to consume many times the recommended daily allowance of sodium.
  • Tecton’s Ketone molecule is metabolized by the body into β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).
  • Tecton’s Ketone molecule provides several of the benefits that are normally found with strict ketogenic diets and extended fasting, something that is not achievable with the ketone salt drinks on the market.
  • Tecton’s Ketone Molecule is produced through a natural enzymatic process, not through chemical synthesis.
  • Tecton contains 10g of exogenous ketones which are a more efficient fuel for our cells than sugar.
  • Ketones are metabolized by the mitochondria in our cells in only three steps, as opposed to sugar/glucose that goes through 11 steps, and thus utilize less energy to create more energy.
  • All of this is without giving you the raised heart rate, jitters and the highs and lows of caffeine and sugar based drinks.
  • We recommend 2-3 cans a day, as each can keep you in ketosis for up to 4 hours. It’s only useful to drink more than that if you’re running a marathon or participating in something extreme like that.
  • There is no harm in drinking more than the recommended amount, as our toxicity study showed no issue even at 200 times the amount that is in each 12 oz can of Tecton!
  • There are no reported negative side effects of consuming Tecton Ketones.
  • If you have Type 1 diabetes, you should check with your physician.
  • Yes. There are no known drug interactions, though we always recommend checking with your physician.
  • Ketones are metabolized more efficiently than glucose and use no ATP in the metabolic process. There are also no random oxidative species created during the metabolism of ketones like there are during glucose metabolism.
  • Tecton increases cognition, focus, and concentration by providing an additional energy substrate for the brain to utilize that does not increase oxidative stress or create free radicals. Working memory can be significantly improved by Tecton’s ketones.
  • Working memory is important for higher-order executive functions and covers the capacity to temporarily hold information in the mind while mentally working with it, which is important for reasoning, problem solving, and planning.
  • Brain Drive Neurotrophic Factor plays an important role in neuronal survival and growth, serves as a neurotransmitter modulator, and participates in neuronal plasticity, which is essential for learning and memory.
  • Supplementing your diet with Tecton can help with up-regulating BDNF expression and could, by this mechanism, contribute to the beneficial effects of fasting and vigorous exercise on cognitive performance, and to improved peripheral energy metabolism and cardiovascular fitness.