Ketones and Weight Loss

Ketones can provide acute energy when people are “dieting,” which can reduce an individual’s overall calorie intake. Tecton’s proprietary ketone molecule is safe even at high doses for all age groups. It is a rare source of macronutrient-level energy that can be consumed during a fast without breaking it.

When using a modified approach to dieting, the use of exogenous ketones (that is, ketones produced outside the body) may prove helpful. This is because they can rapidly elevate blood ketones, reduce blood glucose and provide the body with clean fuel.

– Dr. Rick Bloomer

Tecton Nutrition Advisor and Dean of the College of Health Sciences and the R. Brad Martin Student Wellness Center at the University of Memphis

Tecton Ketone Hydration

Two flavors – Magma (berry, sweeter) and Glacier (citrusy, slightly more tart).

Drink Tecton to extend your fasting period, suppress appetite, hydrate and recover.

Exogenous Ketones and Weight Loss

Exogenous ketones have been shown to reduce hunger by suppressing the hunger hormone ghrelin. Drink before a meal to help reduce overall caloric intake and, consequently, lose weight.

Exogenous Ketones and Weight Loss

You can drink Tecton’s Ketone Hydration Beverage even during the fasting stage to provide needed energy without negatively impacting blood glucose or insulin.

Exogenous Ketones and Weight Loss

Exogenous ketones may result in a lowering of blood glucose, which could lead to the production of endogenous ketones for faster fat loss.

Exogenous Ketones and Weight Loss

Ketone esters result in more rapid and robust blood ketone level elevation than ketone salts.

Exogenous Ketones and Weight Loss

Drinking exogenous ketones may be more feasible than adhering to a strict ketogenic diet for many, leading to faster and more sustainable weight loss results.

Exogenous Ketones in Tecton May Help with Weight Loss

Tecton is a multifunctional health drink that is based on a breakthrough in exogenous ketone science. Ketones are considered to be the 4th macronutrient that provide significant health benefits. Previously, the only way to get these benefits was through a highly restrictive keto diet. Now, Tecton’s nature-identical ketone beverage provides many of these benefits without strictly adhering to the diet.

Tecton is the world’s first and only ready-to-drink beverage that contains 10g of nature-identical ketones that doesn’t contain 1,3 butanediol (a secondary alcohol or ethanol dimer). Unlike other exogenous ketones, Tecton has been noted to be safe for all ages, even at very high dosages, as reported in a recent publication in the scientific journal, Nutrients.

Scientists also tested the absorption rate to determine how quickly Tecton ketones get into the bloodstream after drinking a can of the product. So, with analyses by Mayo Clinic, a pharmacokinetics (PK) study showed that Tecton’s ketone ester has a rapid absorption rate, reaching a maximum concentration in just 30 minutes, putting the user into mild ketosis in minutes. A similar blood level of ketones usually requires two days of fasting or several days of strict adherence to a keto diet!

Because Tecton has zero sugar and zero caffeine, it is a simple and safe alternative, or accompaniment, to fasting or a restrictive ketogenic diet. Regarding intermittent fasting, Tecton ketones may allow for an extension of the fasting period, which may aid overall weight loss/fat loss over time.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.