Focused performance without caffeine or sugar

11 Jan 2023

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We all want to be our best selves. We want to be productive at work, present for family and friends and have energy for all those activities that make life worth living. We also all know how much more easily said than done that is.

Even when doing your best to optimize performance — by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and controlling stress — it can be nearly impossible to escape those times when you just have too much on your plate and you run out of gas.

It happens to the best of us. You’ve got overlapping deadlines, a big exam, an important meeting, a higher than normal customer load or after-school activities that require you to be in three different places at once. Sometimes you need an extra boost to get you through. Enter caffeine and sugar. Whether an espresso, a candy bar or an energy drink, you can get a quick boost with a minimum amount of effort.

Are We Trapped by Sugar and Caffeine?

Are they heroes or villains? You feel more alert and focused with caffeine, but it can cause jitteriness, or interfere with your sleep, causing you to be less rested the next day. This can make you need even more caffeine to keep going. Sugar helps you to feel energized for a little while, but then the crash hits and you need more sugar. Both solutions can set up a vicious cycle. What if there was another way?

Biohackers, elite athletes and others who are focused on maximizing their physical, mental and emotional performance through strategies at the cutting edge of health and nutrition science have been looking to ketones for an answer to this problem. Ketones (also called ketone bodies). Are a naturally occurring alternative fuel. Endogenous ketones are made within our bodies, and exogenous ketones are made outside our bodies.

Ketones Are Nature’s Ultimate Fuel

Endogenous ketones (acetoacetate (AcAc), beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetone) are produced by your liver when your body is short on sugar (blood glucose). This occurs naturally during starvation, prolonged fasting or extreme exertion. It can also happen in response to a ketogenic diet. (“Ketogenic” means to make new ketones.)

If a person chooses to avoid nearly all carbohydrates in their diet (usually less than 30 grams net carbs per day; about two slices of bread, an apple, or a banana), generally in combination with high (healthy) fat and moderate protein, they can deplete their body’s sugar stores (glycogen) and force their body to produce ketones. (Learn more about ketogenic diets from Mayo Clinic.)

As glycogen is depleted, blood ketone levels rise. At around 0.2-0.5 mM blood ketone concentration and up to approximately 5.0 mM, the body is said to be in “ketosis”. It requires extreme discipline to achieve this through diet.

Even small increases in carbohydrate intake can cause you to drop out of ketosis, allowing blood ketone levels to fall and blood sugar levels to rise.


Optimize your Physical and Mental Potential with Ketone Hydration

Pros & Cons of a Ketogenic Diet

There are also some scientists and doctors who feel that the very unbalanced nature of a ketogenic diet, in particular the high fat intake, is unhealthy and can potentially have undesirable side effects. Yet, people who follow a ketogenic diet often rave about how they feel in ketosis with increased energy, lower appetite and lifted “brain fog”.

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Ketones in Tecton: Safe and Effective

Tecton is the world’s first and only ready-to-drink beverage that contains 10g of nature-identical ketones that doesn’t contain 1,3 butanediol (a secondary alcohol or ethanol dimer). Tecton is safe at any dose and for all age groups based on a study published in Nutrient magazine, according to FDA guidelines. The study noted no adverse effects, even at extremely high doses (200 times by body weight).

We also tested the absorption rate to determine how quickly Tecton ketones will get into the bloodstream after drinking a can of our product. So, with analyses by Mayo Clinic, a pharmacokinetics (PK) study showed that Tecton’s ketone ester has a rapid absorption rate, reaching a maximum concentration in just 30 minutes, putting the user into mild ketosis in minutes. This usually requires two days of starving or up to 2-3 weeks of strict adherence to a keto diet! Because Tecton has zero sugar and zero caffeine, it is a simple and safe alternative, or accompaniment, to fasting or a restrictive ketogenic diet.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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