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Dr. Jeff


My 15-year-old son recently suffered a concussion. My associate had Tecton on hand and gave my son one to drink. To my great surprise, my son’s post-concussion headache went away within 30 minutes of drinking it. The same thing happened the next day. I now have him drinking one can per day as he recovers.

- Dr. Jeff


I’m 75 years old, and I’ve had my share of surgeries. The surgeries have been successful, but at times the pain continues. I tried Tecton a few months ago and was amazed at the results. My pain is virtually gone. I am back at the gym and walking with no problems.

- Tina


Tecton is very refreshing. I felt great after drinking it. It’s like drinking a sports drink without the sugar rush. I can definitely see myself drinking Tecton before or after a workout.

- Elizabeth


BHB is a naturally available ketone that is produced in the human body. Ketones serve as an alternative source of energy to cells, heart, and brain—as a metabolic means to counter situations of carbohydrate deprivation and provide metabolic flexibility.

- Nutrients
US News and World Report


These drinks provide real health benefits says Dietician.

- US News and World Report