Why Wendy Finkelstein Loves Tecton

As a Physician Assistant who focuses on mitochondrial repair, Wendy approaches functional medicine from the cellular level. She finds Tecton ketones to be beneficial with regard to substrate utilization. She has experienced her blood sugar becoming more stable when she has Tecton ketones and notices that she can go for longer with less need for sugar.

Wendy has also been able to train her muscles to be more efficient with glucose uptake as a result of ketones and has a faster recovery time. In addition, she feels laser-focused when she has ketones compared with carbohydrates, which tend to induce brain fog. She believes her patients can benefit from fasting using ketones, which have less impact on cortisol, as they work on losing weight and managing life stressors.

If aging alone is the single most accurate predictor of disease, and inflammation is the root cause, then starting at the cellular level should unquestionably be the target of first-step interventions.


Wendy Finkelstein

Wendy is a Physician Assistant with a background in exercise physiology. She works in functional medicine and specializes in metabolic health and how it responds to hormone imbalances, infections, toxins, exposures, stress, and lifestyle. As an accomplished endurance athlete, she finds ketones to be beneficial for her training and recovery.

Wendy loves sharing her knowledge of ketones with her patients and fellow athletes. She often sees patients who are looking to lose weight while managing the stresses of daily life. She works with them to create a wellness plan that improves their metabolic health and insulin sensitivity while helping them achieve their weight loss goals.

Credentials / Accreditations / Etc.

  • Certified Physician Assistant
  • Masters in Medical Science
  • A4M Fellow FAAMFM

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