Why Vaibhav Shetty Loves Tecton

As a combat sports athlete, Vaibhav pays very close attention to what he puts in his body. He closely monitors carbohydrates in general. About a month before a fight, Vaibhav reduces his carbohydrate intake and eliminates simple sugars from his diet entirely. He relies on ketogenic energy to fuel him through his workouts and help him reduce his calorie intake. At the same time, Vaibhav does not go on a strict ketogenic diet because his muscles still need some glycogen.

Tecton provides an ideal balance for Vaibhav by allowing him to fuel with nature-identical ketones without needing to eliminate carbohydrates completely. In addition to helping him recover from workouts, Tecton helps Vaibhav stay focused and hydrated, which are essential during all periods of training.

“Being able to get the benefits of ketones from Tecton without going on a strict ketogenic diet is a dream come true for me and for any athlete who wants to perform at their peak.”


Vaibhav Shetty

Vaibhav Shetty is a professional combat fighter and the first Indian fighter to win a WKN (World Kickboxing Network) title. In 2020, he earned the WKN International Super Light Heavyweight champion title after a fierce five-round head-to-head battle. He has also earned titles as SJIJIF World Champion, SJJIF Asian Champion, and IMMAF Oceana Open bronze medalist, in addition to being a member of the India MMA team.

Amazingly, Vaibhav began his career as a combat athlete when he was 31. What started as a hobby to help improve his health became a passion and a career. He advises anyone starting out on their fitness journey to focus on their progress, not anybody else’s. He encourages everyone to focus on nutrition as much as exercise. Tecton can help athletes at all levels, from those beginning their fitness journey to elite athletes, Be Great, feel great, and do great things. You can hear more from Vaibhav on his podcast, VSE Beyond the Gloves

Credentials / Accreditations / Etc .

  • World Kickboxing Network International champion (The first WKN champion from India)
  • SJJIF World Champion (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
  • SJJIF Asian Champion (1 gold, 3 silvers)
  • Indian MMA Team member
  • MMAF World Championship and Asian Championship 2019
  • IMMAF Oceania Open 2020 Bronze medallist

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