Why Trent Green Values Tecton

Trent has seen and experienced a lot of concussions since he first started playing football. Concussions can have profoundly negative impact on people’s lives, that is why Trent is a passionate advocate for finding ways to mitigate risks of concussion.

Exogenous ketones, especially the ones found in Tecton, could be a game-changer. Trent hopes Tecton can help athletes of all ages and abilities lower the risks of pursuing their passion for football and other contact sports.

One thing that’s been missing in concussion recovery is a way to help people from the inside out. That’s what Tecton is all about, which I find really exciting.



Trent Green is a veteran quarterback who spent 15 seasons playing in the NFL. His accomplishments include earning a Super Bowl ring while playing for the St. Louis Rams, winning two pro bowls with the Kansas City Chiefs, and being one of only 13 NFL quarterbacks to complete a 99-yard pass. Currently, Trent works as a CBS sports analyst.

Trent suffered from multiple concussions during his NFL career, which has made him a strong advocate for concussion and brain health awareness. As the father of young athletes, Trent is also passionate about youth sports. He seeks to inform as many coaches, parents, and athletes as possible about concussion prevention, mitigation, and recovery.

At Tecton, we recognize that each and every one of us has extraordinary potential inside of us. Our Ambassadors are dedicated to helping people around the world tap into that extraordinary potential so they can Be Great in everything they do.

Unleash Your Extraordinary With Tecton.
Ketones have been shown to mitigate concussion recovery.

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    Ketones are nature’s optimal fuel. Zero sugar or caffeine

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