Why Steve Uria Loves Tecton

It only took one can of Tecton to convince Steve of its ability to help him reach his extraordinary potential. He could feel how Tecton helped him have more physical energy and mental focus to get through a grueling workout and beyond. He believes that Tecton is an amazing way for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities to improve all aspects of their lives.

I’m so excited about Tecton because I truly believe it is such a healthy and amazing way to help people improve all aspects of their life. I support anything that can add value to your life and help you become a better version of yourself.



Steve Uria is an internationally recognized fitness and wellness expert and pioneer of the boutique fitness space in South Africa. He is credited with developing many of the most popular fitness classes found in gyms worldwide today, including Bootcamp and Kickboxing for fitness.

Many of Steve’s philosophies about health and healthy living are rooted in his experiences serving in the South African defense force as a young man. In the military, Steve learned first-hand how much the human body can endure and the extraordinary potential living inside every person. Those military experiences inspired Steve to help others do things they never thought possible.

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World-Renowned Fitness Trainer

  • Voted Top Fitness Trainer in USA by Vogue
  • Host at IHRSA, the USA’s largest fitness show
  • Head trainer at MGM Grand Studios and Stan Winston Studios
  • Trained Oscar de Lahoya, Victoria Secret models, Charles Barkley and other notable celebrities
  • Host of top-selling fitness DVD series Ruthless by Weider
  • Innovator of many fitness classes, including Bootcamp, Blast900, Sweat1000, Switch Playground, HiitHouse, and Kickboxing for fitness

At Tecton, we recognize that each and every one of us has extraordinary potential inside of us. Our Ambassadors are dedicated to helping people around the world tap into that extraordinary potential so they can Be Great in everything they do.

Unleash Your Extraordinary and Fuel the Fire With Tecton.
Does Steve inspire you to unleash your extraordinary potential? Experience for yourself how Tecton can help you Be Great in everything that you do.

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  • Weight

    Become Healthy to Lose Weight; Not the Other Way Around

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