Why Mary Loves Tecton

As a lifelong athlete, Mary is no stranger to working hard and pushing her body past its limits. She enjoys drinking Tecton before a workout to fuel her body and focus her mind. She believes in Tecton’s ability to help people push through a workout with maximum energy while protecting the brain through exogenous ketones.

As someone who has suffered from multiple concussions, Mary recognizes the importance of brain health and the potential of ketones to help mitigate concussion symptoms. She advises her clients who participate in contact sports to drink Tecton prior to competing.

Mary’s impressive performance at the Galaxy Competition was featured in Oxygen magazine.

I recommend Tecton not only for endurance but also for using ketones as brain fuel. It’s amazing because it’s a double benefit for athletes.



Mary has been training as an athlete and athletic coach for most of her life. She began teaching gymnastics at the young age of 14 before going on to compete in Track & Field at the Division 1 level (the most competitive college level). After that, she began competing in more intense endurance events. In 1997, she came in fourth place in the physique round of the Miss Galaxy competition, an obstacle course fitness competition that is no longer in operation.

Mary’s passion for health and wellness has carried over into her career as a fitness trainer. She has earned 24 certifications to date, with no plans of slowing down!

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  • Stott Pilates Trained (Essential and Intermediate Reformer, Chair, Mat, Cadillac, Barrel and Advanced)
  • ISSA, Senior Fitness Trainer
  • ISSA, Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISSA, Exercise Therapy Certified
  • Jay Dash Acrobatics Trainer
  • Barefoot Training Certification by EBFA
  • PreventObesity.net Leader
  • EBFA Dry Needling and Cupping Certificate
  • Foundations in Facia Stott Pilates
  • Homeopathy Course by Joette Calabrese
  • Advanced Herbalist by Center of Excellence
  • AFPA Holistic Nutritionist

At Tecton, we recognize that each and every one of us has extraordinary potential inside of us. Our Ambassadors are dedicated to helping people around the world tap into that extraordinary potential so they can Be Great in everything they do.

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