Why Hunter Loves Tecton

As a defensive lineman at the University of New England, Hunter participates in strength and conditioning training two to three times a day, which can result in dehydration. Before he started drinking Tecton, Hunter would experience symptoms of dehydration, including major headaches and extreme exhaustion.

Now that he has incorporated Tecton into his daily regimen, Hunter notices he does not suffer from regular headaches. He also experiences a natural energy boost after his workouts. Hunter advises other athletes and workout enthusiasts to drink a can of Tecton before and after working out to ensure optimal hydration and a quick recovery.

“Tecton provides me with the proper hydration that I wasn’t able to attain from other means. Because of that, I no longer suffer from dehydration headaches and am back to feeling a natural post-workout energy boost.”


Hunter Weldon

Hunter is a student-athlete at The University of New England, where he plays on the football team as a defensive lineman. He is pursuing a degree in Applied Exercise Science with plans to pursue a Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.

As a student-athlete, Hunter is committed to performing his best in the classroom and on the field. He believes everyone has the potential to achieve greatness. He advises anyone embarking on a wellness journey to set attainable goals, listen to their bodies, and challenge themselves to reach their full potential.

Credentials/ Accreditations / Etc .

  • Pursuing a degree in Applied Exercise Science and DPT
  • Defensive Lineman at The University of New England
  • Football Senior Captain 2022
  • Coach’s Award 2023

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