Why Elizabeth Tringali Loves Tecton

With years of profound experience in functional and integrative medicine, Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C, has been at the forefront of a patient-centered approach that delves deep into the root causes of health issues. Her years of expertise have focused on the idea that our dietary choices play an instrumental role in our overall health. This belief dovetails perfectly with Tecton™.

“For me, Tecton™ more than just a keto drink—it’s a testament to what’s possible when innovation meets health. It aligns seamlessly with my approach towards optimal metabolic health and offers a convenient way for me, and my patients, to harness the benefits of ketosis. Every sip of Tecton™ is a step towards vibrant health!”


Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C

As a dedicated practitioner, Elizabeth has often emphasized the significance of metabolic health in achieving overall well-being. She has witnessed how shifts in dietary habits can transform individual health trajectories, making a ketogenic-focused product like Tecton™ an invaluable tool in her medical toolkit.

Credentials / Accreditations / Etc.

  • Founder of Tringali Vibrant Health
  • A4M The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • The Institute for Functional Medicine
  • The International Peptide Society
  • Florida Academy of Physician’s Assistants
  • American Academy of Physician Associates
  • Ozone Without Borders
  • ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society)
  • Master’s of Science, University of Florida
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Florida

At Tecton, we recognize that each and every one of us has extraordinary potential inside of us. Our Ambassadors are dedicated to helping people around the world tap into that extraordinary potential so they can Be Great in everything they do.

Unleash Your Extraordinary With Tecton.
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    Nature’s Optimal Fuel: Zero Sugar or Caffeine

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    Become Healthy to Lose Weight; Not the Other Way Around

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