Why Courtney Kassis Loves Tecton

Courtney has followed her lifelong passion for nutrition by building an integrative medicine practice that helps people uncover the root cause of their health issues. She practices intermittent fasting and loves that she can drink Tecton to extend her fast and achieve other health benefits. Courtney also loves that Tecton can be paired with a healthy diet, including a ketogenic diet.

Instead of snacking every hour or two, Courtney encourages people to wait a few hours between meals. She recommends drinking Tecton during that time to keep blood sugar levels balanced and metabolism running. Courtney believes everyone can benefit from drinking Tecton as they develop healthier eating habits to balance their blood sugar levels. She also believes Tecton can help people have the energy and power they need to Be Great when they exercise.

Tecton helps me stay full when I am intermittent fasting and be powerful in the gym when I’m weight training and doing HIIT Workouts. With Tecton, you can benefit from ketones even if you aren’t on a keto diet!


Courtney Kassis

Courtney has been passionate about nutrition for her entire life. She is an integrative registered dietician who owns a private practice called Balanced Roots, which focuses on healing the whole person. She believes that blood sugar imbalance is the root cause of many chronic conditions and that Tecton may help keep blood sugar levels in balance.

When she isn’t busy with her practice, preparing healthy meals or working out, Courtney can be found spending time with her family.

Credentials and Experience

  • Registered dietician
  • Owner and founder of Balanced Roots
  • M.A. Nutrition Diagnostics from Cox College
  • B.A. Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University

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