Why Che McConico Loves Tecton

Che McConico is an International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Pro Mens Physique competitor. He drinks Tecton to stay focused as he gets through the carb-cutting stage of competing. At the age of 50, he remains competitive while enjoying better energy levels and focus to endure a longer fast.

“Everyone should educate themselves on diets before starting one. Whatever you decide, Tecton’s ketones can help you get better results!”


Che McConico

Che McConico is a professional bodybuilder. As an IFBB Pro Mens Physique competitor, he goes through periods of carb-cutting to lose weight. He discovered Tecton during this phase and immediately noticed that it allowed him to fast for longer while increasing his energy levels and focus.

Credentials / Accreditations / Etc.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Fitness and Fashion Model
  • Former Collegiate Soccer Player
  • IFBB Pro Mens Physique Competitor

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