Why Callie Bradford Loves Tecton

Callie is an experienced health and personal development coach with two decades of expertise in leadership and training within the life sciences industry. Believing that life is a constant adventure, she thrives on trying new things and embarking on exciting journeys. Her passion for travel and cherishing quality time with loved ones complements my philosophy of living life to the fullest. She wholeheartedly embraces the belief that we are ageless, timeless and boundless if we have unwavering faith in our abilities.

Callie has found the benefits of Tecton ketones to be astounding. After drinking Tecton, she had more energy to complete rigorous workouts while training for her bikini competition. She also recovered faster and experienced decreased muscle soreness and fatigue.

The journey to finding empowerment and embracing your limitless potential begins by honing in on your deepest desires, nourishing your body with the right foods and embracing an active lifestyle.


Callie Bradford

Callie is a highly accomplished professional in the healthcare industry, boasting over 20 years of distinguished experience in pharmaceutical sales, leadership, account management, business development, and training & development. Holding a master’s degree in management and expertise in pharmaceutical and life sciences, she has excelled as an executive coach, speaker and published author.

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Credentials / Accreditations / Etc.

  • Professional Speaker
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Owner of RX Coaching Solutions
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certification
  • Master’s Degree in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University

At Tecton, we recognize that each and every one of us has extraordinary potential inside of us. Our Ambassadors are dedicated to helping people around the world tap into that extraordinary potential so they can Be Great in everything they do.

Unleash Your Extraordinary With Tecton.
Does Callie Bradford inspire you to unleash your extraordinary potential? Experience for yourself how Tecton can help you Be Great in everything that you do.

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