Meet our Ambassadors

Tecton™ is on a mission to help people discover the extraordinary in each of us. Our diverse community-of-belonging is fueled by the world’s first focused performance nature-identical ketone beverage. Our Ambassadors embody the call to Be Great as they encourage the extraordinary in each of us. Among us are sports professionals, Olympic trainers, media celebrities, and other personal improvement catalysts.

Steve Uria

Internationally recognized elite trainer credited with developing Bootcamp and Kickboxing fitness programs.

Mary Garner

Miss Galaxy runner-up, endurance athlete and competitive collegiate gymnast, Mary has been an enthusiastic fitness coach most of her life.

Sasha Palmer

Elite athlete with experience playing professional basketball and coaching division I athletes.

Trent Green

A 15-year NFL veteran QB – one of a handful to complete a 99-yard pass, a Super Bowl ring, and 2 winning pro bowls -- Trent now works as a CBS sports analyst.

Porter May

Dual major, honors college student, Sigma Chi member at the University of Mississippi.

Nancy Kindle

Former combat medic in the U.S. Army. Practices transcendental meditation and an ayurvedic lifestyle.

Stacie Clark

Celebrity fitness trainer helping athletes from around the world train with purpose.

Dr. Velaphi Thipe

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Medicine.

Steve Viola

Retired Navy SEAL and Combat Medic committed to continuous learning and growth.

Merge Medical

Grassroots non-profit community of physicians and healthcare providers.

Scott Kolasinski

Elite fitness trainer and owner of SK Vitality in Menlo Park, California.

Courtney Kassis

Registered dietician dedicated to helping people get to the root of their health problems.

Brandon Dwyer

Division 1 basketball player at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Dr. Mike T Nelson

Human performance expert, instructor, and trainer with a passion for research.

Hunter Weldon

College athlete and defensive lineman for The University of New England.

Vaibhav Shetty

Professional combat fighter and India’s first ever WKN International Super Light Heavyweight champion.

Dr. Jeff Brown 

Researcher, physician, and entrepreneur committed to finding holistic solutions for chronic pain.

Coach Mario Medina

Fitness coach committed to helping clients achieve big goals one step at a time.

Dr. Keshia L. Harris

Human development scientist and founder of C3 Boxing and Wellness, LLC.

Elizabeth Tringali

Functional medicine expert and practitioner. Founder of Tringali Vibrant Health.

Che McConico

IFBB Pro athlete, fitness model, and entrepreneur.

Mike Strong

US Navy veteran, fitness coach and owner of Fit Factor X.

Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C

Physician Assistant and athlete specializing in mitochondrial and metabolic health.

Sean Fairburn

Marine Combat Veteran and Emmy award-winning cinematographer.

Callie Bradford

Certified personal trainer and owner of RX Coaching Solutions.

Anthony Gilkes

Professional bodybuilder and celebrity personal trainer.

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